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Ferrari Specialists

At Enso our passion is Ferrari.

With over a decade of experience specialising in the marque and a factory-trained Ferrari Master Technician on our team, there isn’t much we don’t know about the Cavallino Rampante, and it’s our time served with Ferrari that sets us apart.

With access to all the correct equipment and expertise, we are able to service and repair Ferraris of any age and any type. Contact Mike Durham directly to find out more.

Sports Car Specialists

We don’t just specialise in Ferrari.

Enso has extensive knowledge of Italian sports car marques such as Maserati and Lamborghini as well as Porsche, Aston Martin and others.

Our knowledge comes from years serving these marques from within franchised dealer networks and as independent sports car specialists and we offer routine servicing, diagnostics and repairs as well as upgrades and enhancements. Call us to find out more.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) protects a car’s paintwork from the harsh environment of the open road.

The film is a tough, flexible plastic film which acts as a barrier against stone chips, scratches, chemicals (such as oil), UV, weathering, and road salt. They come in a variety of different finishes and some are even self-healing.

Custom-cut to precisely fit your car, PPF is professionally applied by a qualified fitter and protects the paintwork of your car as well as preserving its value.


At Enso, can make your car perform, drive and look better.

Whether you want to optimise your sports car for the road, the track or the Concours lawn we offer a range of mechanical, technical and cosmetic enhancements that will make you enjoy your pride and joy even more.


Think your car looks good? We can make it look better…

Detailing is the fine process of “correcting” paintwork to remove imperfections and cleaning the parts of a car that don’t usually get a thorough overhaul. This process will keep your car looking brilliant for longer. You’ll really notice the difference.

The Maser is running beautifully now, Mike. What a stroke of luck that I found out about you, many thanks.

Ronnie Westerby, Teeside

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